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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: component lifecycles
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2004 13:17:51 GMT

On 28 Jun 2004, at 12:43, Unico Hommes wrote:

> Unico Hommes wrote:
>> Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>>> Hi All
>>> I am making a (non-SiteMap) Avalon Component that allows you to 
>>> manage LDAP Entries from FlowScript. (LDAPEntryManager).
>>> I am loading the Component in FlowScript using it's Interface:
>>>     var users = cocoon.getComponent (EntryManager.ROLE);
>>> and disposing it using:
>>>     cocoon.releaseComponent (users);
>>> The Component implements the following lifecycle Interfaces:
>>>     Configurable, Serviceable, Initializable, Disposable, ThreadSafe
>>> Configurable works as expected, the configuration in cocoon.xconf is 
>>> correctly read when Cocoon starts up.
>>> I am not sure I need Serviceable as I do not need to lookup other 
>>> components.
>>>  Initializable, Disposable are not triggering when expected.
>>> My assumption was that 'initialize' would be called at the time of 
>>> cocoon.getComponent and 'dispose' would be called at the time of 
>>> cocoon.releaseComponent, but this is not happening.
>>> 'initialize' is being called at Cocoon startup, and 'dispose' is 
>>> being called at Cocoon shutdown.
>>> The Component is managing a Naming Context on behalf of the 
>>> FlowScript. The Naming Context cannot be shared by multiple Threads 
>>> AFAIU.
>>> I am sorry, I am sure these basic lifecycle questions bore the 
>>> bejesus out of you, but, what Interfaces should I implement to have 
>>> my methods called by cocoon.getComponent and cocoon.releaseComponent 
>>> ?
>>> So, experimenting ..... I removed ThreadSafe and Serviceable.
>>> What happens now is that the Component is Configured, Initialised 
>>> and Disposed for every use, which is safer, but I do not need it 
>>> Configured for every usage, this only needs to be done once.
>>> How can I get it Configured only once, but Initialised and Disposed 
>>> for every cocoon.getComponent/cocoon.releaseComponent pair?
>> Instead of Disposable implement 
>> org.apache.avalon.excalibur.pool.Recyclable. ECM will call the 
>> recycle method when it releases the instance back to the pool. As for 
>> activating your component upon acquirement there is currently no real 
>> support for that in Cocoon AFAIK. You could lazy-activate your 
>> component when its service methods are called.
> Forgot to mention: when implementing Poolable (Recyclable extends 
> Poolable) don't implement ThreadSafe. These interfaces are contrary. 
> In avalon speak they define the 'lifestyle' of a component, where 
> ThreadSafe means singleton (one instance per container) and Poolable 
> means single threaded (stateful) and pooled (duh :-). Poolable 
> components also have some extra configuration semantics. Attributes 
> pool-min, pool-max, pool-grow control ECMs pool behavior.

Hi Unico,

Many thanks for your suggestions.

I now have it working more as expected .....

I implement Parameterizable, Disposable, Recyclable.
I made my initialize() method private.
I call the initialize method (to lazily initialize) from each 
(non-lifecycle) method that can get called from the FlowScript.

On the first call, I see the code being Parameterized, my method is 
called, it is initialized, used then Recycled. When Cocoon is shutdown 
it is Disposed.

Each time I run the same pipeline again, I only see it being 
initialized and Recycled.

If I hit the same Pipeline twice simultaneously, I see another instance 
of the Component being Parameterized etc.

Just what the Dr. ordered, thanks.

BTW. I have not setup any of the Poolable parameters that you 
mentioned, but it seems to behave without them. How important is this ?

My next question .....

I have my Component setup like this in cocoon.xconf :

<component class="org.our.component.LDAPEntryManager" 
logger="flow.ldap" role="org.our.component.EntryManager">
   <parameter name="ldap-host" value="ldap://"/>
   <parameter name="ldap-base" value="ou=users,o=project,dc=our,dc=org"/>
   <parameter name="ldap-user" value="cn=admin,dc=our,dc=org"/>
   <parameter name="ldap-pass" value="**********"/>

And as mentioned above, I load the component in FlowScript like this:
	cocoon.getComponent (EntryManager.ROLE);

How would I organise this differently, in the situation where I had 
several of these Components, each differently configured, that I wanted 
to be able to load in FlowScript in a similar way. Maybe we want one 
setup for read-only privs and another setup for read-write privs etc.

regards Jeremy


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