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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Serious FlowScript problem
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:31:05 GMT
Le 25 juin 04, à 13:42, Jeremy Quinn a écrit :
> ...The really strange thing is, I can see this happening with our own 
> FlowScripts in our own Project.
> I have never seen this problem with any of the FlowScripts in Cocoon 
> Samples (except that incident when I loaded a Cocoon flowscript via 
> context://)...

FYI I'm pretty sure that I've seen this at some point in the last 6 
weeks, IIRC while using rsync scripts to copy stuff from my source 
repository to the webapp dir of a running Cocoon. At the time I had the 
feeling that the live updating of stuff was related to what was 

I don't remember the details now as it only happened once or twice and 
I moved on, but I've had some unexplained "XXX is not a function" 
errors while the function was indeed there.

Sorry that I cannot be more precise, just wanted to let you know that 
there have been other appearances of this alien life form ;-)


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