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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Looking for a block name: forum, vote, poll components
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 08:21:12 GMT
Hi Cocoonistas,

I have to implement a simple discussion forum, voting (to rate 
articles) and simple polls for a project that I'm working on, and I'm 
hoping to be able to contribute these components as a new block before 
I leave for the Big Trip.

As I'm leaving in ten days it won't be a polished thing, but should be 
a good start. I'll use OJB for persistence, and design simple 
components that can be used from Flow, with a few examples and anteater 
and/or JUnit tests.

Question is (assuming people are ok with a new block), how to name this 
new block?

forumvote? interactive? visitors? coconuke?

I'm lacking a good name ATM - as this will be several distinct 
components, it could also be distinct blocks, but I think a single 
block makes more sense as the implementations will be similar.

I could also contribute it later in August when I'm back, but my hope 
is that people will improve it while I'm away ;-)


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