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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: Including source files in jars
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 13:28:31 GMT
Yes, this makes sense. I ran into the same thing with 2.1.4 because I 
patched our copy and submitted the patches (which are now in 2.1.5). I did 
have trouble finding a home for the patches because we don't keep Cocoon in 
our CVS.

However, I still think this is a good idea for snapshot jars that Cocoon 
includes. I't's been a pain finding some of the source code for those in 
the past.


At 6/9/2004  12:48 AM, you wrote:

>Ok, I think not to have explained the use case clearly. It is actually 
>very close to what you explain about dependent projects. This feature is 
>not useful for us Cocoon devs, but for project developpers that use 
>unreleased versions.
>We have a project here in my company with complex recursive forms which 
>required me to extend CForms. I do not work directly on the project, but 
>provide its developpers with new versions of forms-block.jar that run with 
>the official 2.1.5. The purpose of including the sources in jar files is 
>for the developpers of this project to be able to know with no ambiguity 
>what sources they use. Furthermore when these sources are not yet in 
>Cocoon's CVS (don't worry, commits will come soon).
>These guys are in the office next to mine, so roundtrip time is fast and 
>communication easy. Now consider a project made for a remote customer, 
>which required to use a non-released version because of a bug to fix or a 
>few feature to implement. One year after the project is finished, the 
>customer calls back because some errors occur. How do you know what 
>sources the project actually uses? Just ask the customer to send you the 
>contents of WEB-INF/lib!
>So, to restate it, this feature is of little use for us Cocoon devs but 
>very useful for users of CVS snapshots. It's just useful for them as it 
>would be useful for us to have source of snapshots of dependent projects 
>in the corresponding jars.
>Does it make more sense?

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