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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: [RT] Logging and log4j
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 07:36:26 GMT
I see no reason to switch from using the LogKit LoggerManager interface. 
Changing the newLoggerManager() method in CocoonServlet to default to LOG4J 
and also provide an easy way to use the LogKitLoggerManager is 
trivial.  Anyone who wants to "try out" Log4j in 2.1.5 only needs to define 
"logger-class" as "LOG4J" in web.xml as an init parm.  In addition, 
logger-class can specify any class that implements LogKit's LoggerManager 
interface - which is why I submitted the patch.

What more support do you need than that?  Are you thinking that Log4j's 
default configuration techniques are not sufficient?


At 6/7/2004  11:44 PM, you wrote:
>Ok, the recent thread about using log4j as the default
>showed that there is a big interest in directly using log4j.
>Sylvain raised the concern of performance which can imho
>be solved in the wrapper class. The avalon logging uses
>a wrapper class around the log4j logger to conform to
>the avalon Logger interface. This wrapper can store/cache
>the level in an instance variable making the test
>calls to isDebugEnabled() etc. as fast as possible.
>Although this is an optimization in the nano area which
>should neither increase/decrease performance for a
>complete Cocoon request, it should solve the concern.
>Now, imho only two questions remain :)
>1. What should Cocoon offer to support log4j? So, everyone
>out there who wants to use/is using log4j with Cocoon, what
>are you missing? Examples could be, a support for configuring
>log4j via Cocoon etc.
>2. Should we make log4j (with the improved wrapper idea from
>above) the default?
>Carsten Ziegeler
>Open Source Group, S&N AG

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