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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Redesigning the Samples
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 19:56:43 GMT
Hi Tony:

As many on the list, I believe good looking pages are better and encourage
people to use a product. I think it is inside our human nature that also
"inconsiently give points" for external good looking things, even when we
don't know what is inside. A well knowed phrase said:

"A good looking package sell by itself"

I know we are not selling nothing, but we will be glad to give a more
professional look to our community project. I think in that noone is

I think while a lot of people don't have concerns about how good is XML et
al. They have concerns about how well we can develop good looking pages. I
often hear a "wow" when people look at some pages done with Cocoon. The
"wow" is because they don't believed that with Cocoon they are able to do
good looking pages. This is changing and fortunately, we also have many
samples sites to look with diferents designs.

Your efforts enhancing for a better look Cocoon site is important for us.
Don't think that because people don't reply was because they don't care.
We really care your effort. Your mail was reading by many of us. Often, we
choose to not reply, because we thought the work is good and this is a
"silent" +1 too. We learned this in Cocoon. As you, I have exactly the
same time as Cocoon committer. Even no second more or less. ;-)

The replies to your works was just critics to get into account. As your
pointed it is hard to reach consensus, but in this case there were just 2

1-The logo don't need to be changed for historic reasons.
2-Try to use the least space in the header.

I think both requested changes are easily manageable by you. Please try
again and reach the consesus. Is it OK? ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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