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From Guido Casper <>
Subject Re: Playing with the JCR RI
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 15:46:25 GMT
Ugo Cei wrote:
> Dear Cocooners,
> I've just started to take a look at the JCR (a.k.a. JSR-170) Reference 
> Implementation from Slide, after having read the latest JSR draft, and I 
> feel like exploring the possibilities of its usage inside Cocoon.
> First thing I tried to do is an implementation of the 
> o.a.c.components.repository.Repository, but then I started to think that 
> it didn't make much sense. Our Repository interface is meant to provide 
> a virtual repository API on top of different implementations (only a 
> WebDAV impl. is available at the moment). But isn't this just what JCR 
> is about? Wouldn't it be better if we dropped our own Repository and 
> adopted the JCR APIs?

I thought about that as well (don't reinvent the wheel). However I came 
to the conclusion that I currently don't care about JCR as much as I 
care about WebDAV :-) The JCR RI for sure is not (yet) as tested and 
proven as Slide's WebDAV library and currently I have doubts that JCR is 
the best "API for WebDAV" (sigh, time will tell).

In addition I still think there is space for a more "user-oriented" API 
that works on a higher abstraction and is geared towards usage within 
Cocoon. I'm still planning to work on that (reworking 
o.a.c.components.repository.Repository (especially the exception 
handling ;-) and having another more "user-level" component operating on 
top of it) but I'm currently completely swamped :-(

However I would be looking forward to have some JCR support/sample 
within Cocoon.


> We already have a WebDAV and a local filesystem 
> implementation available in the RI (plus an implementation on top of a 
> "virtual filesystem" which I haven't grokked yet). Of course, nothing 
> prevents us from wrapping a JCR repo inside an Avalon component, if we 
> want.
> Then I thought about doing a Generator that could stream the XML 
> representation of a JCR repo provided by the API. Should be a piece of 
> cake as there's a method that streams it to a ContentHandler.
> In order to show off what can be done with Cocoon+JCR, we could try to 
> clone the Web frontend distributed by Day at 
> or some part of it.
> Thoughts? Questions? Volunteers?
>     Ugo

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