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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Removing groovy
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 22:35:49 GMT
On 17.06.2004 00:28, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Currently, Groovy is used in 2 blocks: bsf and scratchpad. Our actual
> build system is not smart enough to know in which block we use a jar. We
> simply copy all the lib/optional/*.jar to the build. I know it is a PITA.
> We have a similar problem with other jars. ie: even if you exclude XSP you
> got the jdtcore and pizza included for free and they are not used at all.
> I think the solution is try to define what optionals jars are needed based
> on the users block selection.
> BTW, I posted about this problem long time ago and seems that nobody cares
> about that. I learned to delete the not needed jars after building.

But it's a difference if it is just another jar in lib/optional or if it 
adds an additional requirement. Therefore we either should put that jar 
into its own block, into one of the both blocks and let the other one 
depend on it or switch the requirement immediately. I don't like the 
latter one, nor much the first one. IMO we should put it into bsf block 
and let scratchpad depend on it.


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