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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: REQ: An "escapeXml" attribute in JXT macro/script output
Date Fri, 11 Jun 2004 11:57:38 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

> On 09.06.2004 01:09, Terry Brick wrote:
>> This request is carried over from the users list regarding introducing 
>> XML from a
>> variable/component into the JXT output stream.
>> For example, let's say I have Java bean with a String property that 
>> holds XML text.  If, in my
>> template, I do something like...
>> ${MyBean.XML}
>> ... Then all of the XML characters are escaped.
>> For example,
>> <para>
>> ..becomes..
>> &lt;para&gt;
>> I would think that for most Cocoon users, this is undesirable behavior 
>> most of the time.
>> The current workaround is to have the bean property return a DOM 
>> Document instead of a String. However, in many cases, other than to 
>> accomodate this workaround, I have no other need to create a
>> DOM document within my Java component.... so it seems like there could 
>> be some unecessary overhead
>> associated with doing that.  I guess that depends on how Cocoon 
>> handles the doc... maybe it's a
>> wash.
>> Anyway, an escapeXml="true/false" attribute on the JX output tags 
>> (similar to JSTL) would
>> certainly be handy IMO.
> Can you file a feature request to buzilla?
I think this is not the good way to do that. What if the input string 
was a wiki entry. It is also some kind of input data formatting.

We need taglibs for jx. Could the functionality of TagTransformer be 
merged with JXTemplateGenerator?
Leszek Gawron                            

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