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From Vilya Harvey <>
Subject Looking for a HowTo on adding widgets to CForms.
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 09:33:08 GMT
Hi all,

Lately I've been trying to add my own widget to CForms. The CForms code is 
fairly clear, but there seems to be a lot of places where things need to be 
changed/added. Is there a HowTo document anywhere which describes the 
necessary steps?

For those that are interested, the widget I'm trying to add is an extension 
of the standard repeater which has built-in support for pagination. I'm 
fairly new to Cocoon in general, so if there's a better way to get the same 
result I'd love to hear it! I can imagine adding support for other widgets 
in future though (tree widget, anyone?), so it would definitely be helpful 
to have a Widget HowTo.

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