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From Tony Collen <>
Subject Re: Groovy, Flow & Page Templates
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2004 14:49:19 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> Le 8 juin 04, à 21:16, Tony Collen a écrit :
>> ...  <map:generate type="script" src="{1}.gy"/>
> ...
>>   sendPageAndWait("confirm_register.gsp", {"bizdata" : bizdata});
>>   ...
>> How would one go about getting:
>>   a) The bizdata object
>>   b) The continuation id
> I guess the question is "where does sendPageAndWait store bizdata", but 
> I don't know ;-)
> If it's request attributes, you'll be able to get at them from Groovy 
> through the objectModel and then the request object. And the 
> ScriptableGenerator can be easily ehanced to make more stuff available 
> directly to Groovy scripts.
> Note that, last time I checked, the execution of Groovy-based pages was 
> *very* slow, like down to 2 pages per second only. It might not be a 
> Groovy problem, but rather our naive implementation which probably 
> initializes a lot of stuff and interprets the Groovy script every time. 
> There are better ways to embed Groovy than BSF tough [1], so it might be 
> worth writing something better in someone's Copious Free Time...

Yeah, I noticed this in my testing.  The BSF is great for prototyping 
Generators.  I also absolutely love Groovy's syntax for XML.  I saw that there 
was stuff about making it all cacheable, which is obviously good.  I'm still 
trying to search for "The Perfect Template Language"... the JX is nice, but it's 
also nicer to have alternatives.  Perhaps it's time to see what a 
GroovyGenerator can do.


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