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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Redesigning the Samples
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 09:54:28 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

> David Crossley wrote:
>> Erk, i do not want to pour water on your efforts, but i was
>> already really happy with the original design. The only
>> thing that i would have changed would be to make the top
>> part of the page be even more compact.
> Welp, my personal opinion was that (putting it nicely) the page was 
> lacking in the graphic design department. So I did something I thought 
> was reasonable.
> I see people's arguments about dilluting the Cocoon "brand".  I can 
> understand this because I worked in an advertising agency for a few 
> years, and many years ago I came very close to going to school for 
> Graphic Design rather than Computer Science.
> I don't want to jeopardize the Cocoon brand by any means.  I would like 
> to express my concern about wanting to have a more professional image. 
> Not necessarily more corporate looking, but I think a more polished look 
> would greatly help the project, which led to my work.
> One problem that I encounter a lot when building web sites and doing 
> graphic design for people is that if a design is put in front of 50 
> people, you'll get 50 different suggestions as to how to make it better 
> or more appealing.  This makes it *very* hard to do something that 
> everyone will agree to fully.
> I've found a few ways around this situation:
> - Ignore them, since you know better than they do (arrogant)
> - Try to appease everybody fully (doesn't work)
> - Take their suggestions into consideration, but keep working forward 
> (useful, practical)
> - Try to compromise between what people want and what you think should 
> happen (best IMO)
> Obviously, I favor the compromise route.  Like I said, the page design 
> bugged me enough to do something about it. Now I think we should find 
> some sort of a compromise that won't dillute the Cocoon "brand" but try 
> to snazz up the pages as much as possible, without pissing people off.

Tony, as wrote in my previous email, the logo was designed to be simple, 
with a few colors, in order to be easier to print on things.

Your version of the logo, although graphically more appealing, is too 
complex for that.

Also, simply put, we don't need a new logo as we don't need to signal 
any change in direction.

> Regards,
> Tony, who thought long and hard over the weekend about this message, and 
> was originally angry about the poor reaction but got over it since he 
> shouldn't take people's reactions as an attack against him personally.

Right, there is nothing personal and there is always a strong inertia in 
any visual identity changes.

While I admit I have a personal bias since I'm the one who designed the 
logo in the first place, the previous Cocoon 1.x logo was even more 
graphically appealing than this but was hell to do anything with rather 
than show on a web page. Thus the need for redesign (also to signal a 
new generation of the project).

Right now, we have no need to change it since it's serving us perfectly 
for the job.

Again, I'm talking about the logo only. If you want to improve the 
stylesheets of the page, go for it.

> P.S.  The Illustrator file in the current CVS won't even open 
> in the latest version of Illustrator.  This is bad because if we lose 
> this file, we face losing original artwork.

This is probably a newline corruption error. the file should be treated 
as binary but CVS sometimes thinks it's text.


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