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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [Forms] Using commons-validator
Date Mon, 21 Jun 2004 04:20:23 GMT
Antonio Gallardo dijo:
> Hi:
> Can we switch to the usage of commons-validator instead of developing our
> own code?

I am back. I know the last mail cannot sold the idea of commons-validators.

I will try to explain a little more:

1-The commons-validator mission is to build validators and this is not our
mission in Cocoon. We can benefit of using commons validators. As a sample
I just reviewed our EmailValidator vs. the commons-validator and the last
verify better the mails than our current implementation. For example we
don't check for umlauts inside an email as commons-validator do.

2-One of the dreams in forms is to (optionally) allow client side
validation to avoid unnecesary roundtrips to the server. I noted inside
commons-validators, there is a lot of scripts already done to validate the
input at client side:

This can be useful to us to rewrite some demo of forms using them.

Size: Just 45.8 kB


1-commons-collections (already in lib/core)
2-commons-logging (in cocoon: in lib/optional)
2-commons-beanutils (in cocoon: scratchpad/lib)
3-commons-digester (in cocoon: scratchpad/lib)

In that way we will not increase the distribution by using this library.

The other libraries in scratchpad can also be useful in other places of
the same forms block:


Can the useful for the binding. We had last year some interesting post
that need to be digested again (with our current experience):


Perhaps can help in parsing the forms files. I am not sure here.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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