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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Logging and log4j
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2004 17:51:41 GMT
Hi Carsten:

Third time I will write the same here. Not your fault. I don't like the
idea  to switch to log4j as the default implementation. I was researching
how to set in log4j the file paths to WEB-INF/logs for any servlet and I
don't found a right answer. There were worksrounds, but no an elegant
solution as in LogKit.

I found this interesting mail in log4j. The explanation is that LogKit is
more oriented to IoC usage (Avalon). Quoting [1]:

The only real difference I see is the philosophical one of how Loggers
should be obtained. LogKit was designed for use in frameworks where the
principle of "inversion of control" is extensively applied. One
implication of IoC is that components are passive, and interact with the
outside world solely through their container. There is a well-defined
component lifecycle. In Avalon, the first thing that happens to a
component is that it is *given* a Logger. It doesn't request one through
a static method like Logger.getLogger(".."), since that would break IoC
and potentially cause a security risk (overhead-less security is one of
IoC's benefits).

I know the mail is already 3 years old. Can someone explain if this is
diferent now?

My main concern is that in log4j you need to write an "absolut path" for
the log file. For me this is a step back on what we have now. I really
love the idea to move the servlets to any location and not need to
configure log file paths.

I will be glad if someone can explain or write a doc telling that I am
wrong. I really wanted to use log4j, but not at any cost.

Second concern on the list is performance. Already discused, but without a

I prefer to have (as now) LogKit as the default logger.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo


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