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From Tim Larson <>
Subject Re: [CForms] union case as relative path
Date Wed, 16 Jun 2004 21:24:26 GMT
On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 10:53:38AM -0600, Johnston, Jason wrote:
> I've dug into the source and found that on line 61 of 
> src/blocks/forms/java/org/apache/cocoon/forms/formmodel/ it
> finds the widget to use for the case by calling:
> caseWidget = ((ContainerWidget)getParent()).getChild(caseWidgetId);
> It seems to me that replacing .getChild() with .lookupWidget() would
> allow the case="" attribute to take a relative path to find the proper
> field and allow me to do what I want.
> Is this the correct approach?  Would it cause other problems I can't see
> with my limited knowledge of the code?

Working from memory alone, I only see three issues:
* Where do you want the lookup to be relative to?  Probably relative to
  the parent (like I think you are suggesting) would make the most
* There may be sequence of execution issues if the widget you reference
  is defined below (further down the file) than the union itself, as in
  the case-determining widget's request parameter may not have been
  processed in time to contribute to the union's case selection process.
  You will need to test this and either document the limitation or
  design some way for this dependecy to reorder the request parameter
  processing to eliminate the problem.
* The union widget is being redesigned and will be replaced by "choice"
  described here:
  The good news is we can probably reuse the good solutions you come up
  with for the union widget when we implement "choice/case".

--Tim Larson

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