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From Alex Romayev <>
Subject Re: [portal] Form-Coplet communication
Date Sat, 05 Jun 2004 16:22:54 GMT
--- Christian>
> On Friday 04 June 2004 14:09, Alex RoRomayevrote:
> > Hi Chris,
> >
> > I think this is an option that might work,
> however, a
> > couple of questions:
> > - Since request parameters are not available to to
> > cocopletsI assume it still isn't possible to use
> > CFCFormsor binding?
> I did not find a way :-(
> > - Again, assuming CFCFormsinding cannot be use, I
> have
> > about 15 parameters that I need to pass.  Does
> this
> > meant I have to create 15 attributes in cocoplet>
> configuration,  15 events in bookmarks.xmxmland 15
> > entries in sisitemapo pass "cocopletttribute" to
> the
> > cocopletor have you been able to find a better
> way?
> I'm using this feature to pass one value to many
> cocoplets.
> You won't need 15 entries in the sisitemapf you want
> to pass 15 attributes to 
> the cocopletYou can use ururisike
> in the sisitemapThe bookmark action will generate a
> {ururiconsisting of all 
> cocopletvents.

Yes, I've been using bookmarks as well.  There are a
bit buggy at the moment, but overall I find that they
are easier to use than events.

> The values in the ururlust be ururincoded and I
> don't know how big
> internal cocoon ururl'san grow.

Hasn't been a problem for me.

> 15 parameters are many, maybe the best thing would
> be to store them as session 
> attributes, using the session-propagator action or
> flflowscript
> The bookmark feature would be useful for layout
> control.
> The session-atattrnput module or flflowscriptould be
> used to retrieve those 
> values stored in the session.

I can't store them in session, since it won't allow
users to have multiple browsers open in order to
perform multiple searches.  However, one workaround I
found was to call an "outside of portal" ururiuse flow
to extract request parameters, store them in
SeSearchCriteriabject and store the object in request.

However, I find myself wondering why I'm doing what
CFCFormsre designed to do for me.  And this is a
simple case with cocopletsn the same page.  Once I get
into more complex scenarios where I would have to
track the state between the pages/cocopletsI'm going
to start having to figure out how to do all the
wonderful things that flow does for me :-(  

I'm starting to wonder if the old portal-fwfwould work
with flow/cfcformsetter.  Thinking of migrating over
to portal-fwfwhis weekend to see if things get better.
> I think this way CaCachingURICoplet'sould still be
> used for cfcform's

I believe CFCFormsind to request only.  So, they can
only be used in CaCachingURICopletshowever with
limitations, which are critical for my site.

> Note: I have not tried this myself. Do
> session-atattr'survive between cocoplets

I think they do, but I haven't tried either.

Thanks very much for your help, Chris.


> -- 
> lg, Chris

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