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From Alex Romayev <>
Subject Re: [portal] Form-Coplet communication
Date Fri, 04 Jun 2004 12:09:58 GMT

> If you want to communicate with the coplets from
> "outside"
> then the best way to accomplish this task is to use
> the 
> bookmark feature of the portal engine.
> Have a look at:
> I had similiar problems which were driving me mad,
> after starting
> to use bookmarks, it got a lot easier to control the
> portal.
> -- 
> lg, Chris

Hi Chris,

I think this is an option that might work, however, a
couple of questions:
- Since request parameters are not available to to
coplets, I assume it still isn't possible to use
CForms for binding?
- Again, assuming CForms binding cannot be use, I have
about 15 parameters that I need to pass.  Does this
meant I have to create 15 attributes in coplet
configuration,  15 events in bookmarks.xml, and 15
entries in sitemap to pass "coplet/attribute" to the
coplet, or have you been able to find a better way?


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