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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon is not gump!
Date Tue, 29 Jun 2004 21:12:29 GMT
Thanks, you said this much better and clearer than I could.


Stefano Mazzocchi said:
> My point is: do *not* make the assumption that the CVS will be there
> when you need it. It won't be. Solid working software has the tendency
> to work for decades before requiring fixes. And people have a tendency
> to change jobs, ideas and interests much faster than working software
> requires fixes.
> And information has a notoriously bad habit of getting corrupted, or
> lost and people (including myslelf!) have a notoriously bad habit of
> still considering digital storage capacity as a scarce resource and are
> maniacs of cleaning up and very bad at forecasting the need for
> information that today appears useless.
> I guess that working in a library does change your perspectives on those
> things a little bit ;-)
> Especially when your boss sings the digital preservation anthem every
> other day ;-) [and for a good reason, I must say!]
> --
> Stefano.

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