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From Stephan Michels <>
Subject FYI: Problems of Javaflow development
Date Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:28:53 GMT
I want to share some news and information about the javaflow
development, in cases that someone want to step in. I want also prevent
a one-man show.

Okay, the theory behind the introduction of continuation within java
is plain simple. Store and restore stack and local variables in cases
of interruption of the continuation.

But the devil lies in detail. The problem are uninitialized objects,
means the object, which are created by the new operator, but the
constructor isn't invoked. So, in the theory continuation can be
interrupted between the "new" and the invocation of the constructor, for

Integer i = Integer(sendPageAndGetNumber());


new Integer
invoke sendPageAndGetNumber()
invoke Integer()

These uninitialized object can't stored into the continuation, because
they are uninitialzed :-/ This causes some headaches. The newest example
for brainfuck is

Class clazz = MyClass.class;

If somebody is interested, Stephan *grmpf#!?

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