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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Redesigning the Samples
Date Sun, 06 Jun 2004 03:20:26 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:.
> One problem that I encounter a lot when building web sites and doing 
> graphic design for people is that if a design is put in front of 50 
> people, you'll get 50 different suggestions as to how to make it better 
> or more appealing.  This makes it *very* hard to do something that 
> everyone will agree to fully.

Absolutely. We developers are often in that situation.
Gee, it would be great if we did get feedback from 50 people,
even any people.

> I've found a few ways around this situation:
> - Ignore them, since you know better than they do (arrogant)
> - Try to appease everybody fully (doesn't work)
> - Take their suggestions into consideration, but keep working forward 
> (useful, practical)
> - Try to compromise between what people want and what you think should 
> happen (best IMO)
> Obviously, I favor the compromise route.

Yes, the only way to go. Who ever is doing the work, gets to
decide what to incorporate. It is their responsibility to
listen and decide wisely.

On the feed provider side, it is our responsibility to be
constructive in our comments. I did try to do that.

> Like I said, the page design 
> bugged me enough to do something about it. Now I think we should find 
> some sort of a compromise that won't dillute the Cocoon "brand" but try 
> to snazz up the pages as much as possible, without pissing people off.

My comment about the wasted space at the top banner is
speaking from experience on this very cocoon-dev list
when we discussed and re-designed it last time. I still
feel strongly about the need to conserve screen space
for actual content rather than vast areas of blue or white.

> Regards,
> Tony, who thought long and hard over the weekend about this message, and 
> was originally angry about the poor reaction but got over it since he 
> shouldn't take people's reactions as an attack against him personally.

It is up to you how you read feedback. I only used the
word "you" once.

Wow, it sounds like it was a good opensource lesson for
everyone then.


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