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From "Adam Ratcliffe" <>
Subject RE: Custom Transformer: attributes lost when serialized XML recording
Date Fri, 18 Jun 2004 07:11:21 GMT
To clarify my original problem, it's just the namespace declaration that
is lost
during serialized XML recording.  As far as I can tell this is related
to Xalan's
behaviour in that it considers namespace nodes as distinct from
attribute nodes
and therefore doesn't pass them in the attribute list to startElement().

I had a look at AbstractTextSerializer which has a pipe that preserves
declarations and used this as the basis for extending the DOMBuilder
class used for
XML recording in AbstractSAXTransformer.

What I'm doing is collecting the namespace declarations in a map in
and using these in startElement() to create new attributes for each
declaration which are
added to the attribute list that's passed to the parent class'
startElement() implementation.

This approach works fine, when I finish recording I have a
DocumentFragment with the namespace
declaration preserved on the root element.

I'm now having a few problems getting this XML back into the pipeline,
I'm a little new to SAX so
maybe I'm missing the obvious. Firstly I'm calling
XMLUtils.serializeNode() method on the DocumentFragment
and in this method the TransformerHandler is dropping the namespace
declaration off once more.

My 2nd problem is in understanding how pass the serialized document to
the next XMLConsumer in the pipeline.

I've tried the following code snippet (from CIncludeTransformer) which
results in nothing being output by
the serializer in the pipeline.

	    XMLDeserializer deserializer = null;
	    try {
		deserializer =
	    } catch (Exception ignore) {
	    } finally {
		this.manager.release( deserializer );

Thanks in advance

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From: Vadim Gritsenko [] 
Sent: Wednesday, 16 June 2004 12:10 a.m.
Subject: Re: Custom Transformer: attributes lost when serialized XML

Adam Ratcliffe wrote:

>I have a custom transformer that extends AbstractSaxTransformer for 
>making XML-RPC calls.  It extracts a method call element from an input 
>document and sends this to the remote service for processing.
>My problem is that when I use the startSerializedXMLRecording() method 
>from AbstractSaxTransformer to collect the method call fragment it 
>records elements only and the namespace attribute on the top-level 
>element is lost.
>This isn't a problem with the generator that creates the input document

>as I can see the attributes if I serialize the document after 
>Is there a configuration step that I'm missing?

I think you should maintain map of namespace declarations (by processing

start/end namespace mapping event) and declare all namespaces when you 
start recording. Look around for code samples, I think there is 
something similar in other transformers.


>public void startElement(String uri, String name, String raw, 
> throws SAXException {
> if (name.equals(XMLRPC_REQUEST_ELEMENT)) {
>     this.stack.push("end");
> } else if (name.equals(XMLRPC_SERVICE_ELEMENT)){
>            this.startTextRecording();     
> } else if (name.equals(XMLRPC_METHOD_CALL_ELEMENT)) {
> } else {
>            super.startElement(uri, name, raw, attr);
>        }
>    }

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