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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: extending LuceneCocoonSearcher
Date Mon, 07 Jun 2004 14:14:34 GMT

On 7 Jun 2004, at 15:06, Upayavira wrote:

> Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>> On 7 Jun 2004, at 14:27, Upayavira wrote:
>>> Jeremy Quinn wrote:
>>>> Hi All
>>>> I have developed some CForms that allow you to assemble a set of 
>>>> Beans that represent Queries. These are converted directly to 
>>>> Lucene Query objects without using the QueryParser.
>>>> At the moment, they set up a new Searcher for each hit.
>>>> I would prefer to use a cached Component for this like 
>>>> LuceneCocoonSearcher.
>>>> Would anyone object to my adding the following to the 
>>>> LuceneCocoonSearcher Interface and SimpleLuceneCocoonSearcherImpl 
>>>> Implementation:
>>>>     Hits search(Query query) throws ProcessingException;
>>>> and, after we upgrade to Lucene 1.4:
>>>>     Hits search(Query query, Sort sort) throws ProcessingException;
>>>> where Hits is:
>>>> where Query is:
>>>> where Sort is
>>>> WDYT?
>>> Looks fine to me.  I'd like to have the beans, too!
>> Thanks Upayavira.
>> The beans are relatively simple.
>> I would be happy to donate them ..... but they deal with our chosen 
>> subset of what a query is to be composed of ...... and that might not 
>> be everybody's cup of tea.
>> I would be happy to send them to you for your evaluation, then see if 
>> you still think they are generally useful ......
>> Incidentally .....
>> The Query Bean has a repeater, to which you add Criterion Beans.
>> At the moment, all Criteria in the form are represented by a 'field', 
>> a 'match' and a 'term', where the 'field' is a popup of Lucene Search 
>> Index fields, match is a popup that can be 'contains', 'like', or 
>> 'phrase' and the term is a textfield.
>> Since some of the fields it is possible to search on are populated 
>> from fixed keyword lists, we would like be able to show a popup of 
>> those keywords instead of the text-field for 'term'. So the display 
>> (what kind of formfield, which selectionlist) of the Criterion would 
>> change depending on the setting of the 'field' property. (A bit like 
>> MacOSX Finder's search window, for those that know it.)
>> How do you do that in CForms?
>> I suspect you need to use those Widgets I never understood like 
>> 'union', 'class', 'struct' etc. Is that the case?
>> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Just skimming your mail (got a project to finish by last Friday)...
> Have you seen the car selector sample? There's drop downs there that 
> change dependent upon the previous entry. Does that do what you want?

it could be, I will have a look .....
however, sometimes they need to be selectionlists, sometime just a 
simple text field ..... other usecases may require a date field, or 
range etc. etc. so I think it is more complicated than just switching a 
selectionlist on the fly.

regards Jeremy

"Objective reality is a synthetic construct, dealing with a 
hypothetical universalization of a multitude of subjective realities."
Philip K Dick - "The Electric Ant"
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