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From Unico Hommes <>
Subject Core samples depend on XSP
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 15:48:53 GMT
I mentioned this before but never managed to decide on what should happen with
it.  The "Using Sources" core samples require XSP to be present. Since XSP moved
to a block recently there remains this unresolved dependency of the core on XSP
block. What to do?

1. Leave them there, provide a notice (there are some other places in the core
samples that do this)
2. Move the samples into the XSP block (probably requires the most work and
raises the question under what heading to place them)
3. Zap them samples completely

I personally tend to option 1 although such ubiquitous use of XSP in a core
concept such as Sources may give the impression of XSP as an endorsed best
practice for Cocoon.



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