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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject [Plan] The future of Cocoon
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 09:17:45 GMT
Now as we have 2.1.5 out, I think we should talk about the future
a little bit - we already have discussed several things in the 
past and I want to try to summarize things.

First, I heard in the past complains from users at conferences where
I presented Cocoon, that it's not identifiable what our plans for
the future (or for upcomming versions) are. We often discuss this
openly in our mailing lists, but we rarely put the results to a
prominent place (TODO/planning document). So imho we should at least
try to do this :) (and yes, I'm of course guilty for not doing this
as well).

Ok, the first plan for the future is obvious: the move to svn :)

But what else?

We have come to the conclusion that real blocks might take a little bit
longer than we have expected. So we agreed on not affecting the
current development of Cocoon by the real blocks development. Which means
we have to develop the blocks system separately from Cocoon
until the block system is stable enough to be "merged" into 
Cocoon. This allows us to release new versions of Cocoon (like 2.2)
without waiting for blocks to be working/finished.

We started with Cocoon 2.2 right after the release, so we can
put anything into it we want. I hope to implement the virtual
sitemap components soon, for example. I guess (fear?) that we will
have one or two maintenance releases for 2.1.x (2.1.6 etc.). For 
example fixing the dispose problem in the tree processor.

In general, I think we should try to see 2.2 as the "consolidation
version". In the past we added a lot of features, blocks, components
which resulted in the fact that we have in some places concurring 
solutions that could be combined a little bit. 
One good example is form handling where we agreed on concentrating
on CForms. We could try this in other areas as well.
Of course this does not mean that we shouldn't add new features
for 2.2, but imho we should try to consolidate what we currently
have as well.

Some things that come to my mind for 2.2:
- first finished version of CForms.
- deprecate XSP (and provide a viable alternative)
- cleaning up the caching/store mess
- remove deprecated blocks etc.

I have some RTs for the points above that I will send in the next days :)
(just to warn you...)

And of course, we agreed to follow the versioning guide which is currently
just in our cocoon-site cvs. So we should see if we have consensus on this
as well.

Additions? WDYT? 

PS: We should discuss each issue in a separate task; e.g. let's not
discuss the content of the versioning guide in this thread. 


Carsten Ziegeler 
Open Source Group, S&N AG

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