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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: [portal] Implementing Login coplet with CForms
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 09:43:12 GMT
Alex Romayev wrote:
> Ok, I'm a bit confused and not sure where to start.
> This is what I'm trying to achieve.  I'd like to replace 
> portal login form with CForm (using actions, not flow), to 
> use its validation.  So the most interesting use case is:
> 1. User does not enter username/password 2. The form is 
> re-displayed with error messages 3. User enters correct 
> username/password 4. The form calls do-login url, which then 
> redirects to "portal" using authentication-fw.
> Questions.
> 1. Initially I assumed that if I just configured the coplet 
> with handleParameters = true, CForms would have access to 
> request parameters.  Not true.  Does this mean that 
> handleParameters only works in conjunction with 
> html-event-link transformer?
Yes (unfortunately I think).

> 2. I switched to using html-even-link trasformer 
> configuration.  Now could get through steps 1-3. 
> However, in step 4, calling do-login results in portal being 
> displayed *inside* my login coplet.  I've looked at 
> HTMLEventLinkTransformer code, and it makes external = 
> true/false distinction only for links, not for forms.  At the 
> same time, event if it did, I don't see how it would work in 
> my case anyway, since in step
> 2 I would need to have external=true and in step 4, external= 
> false for the same form?  Am I making sense here at all?
Yes, makes sense to me :)

> Seems like I'm just missing some basic information, but ATM 
> completely lost :-)
Hmm, no the problem is that your call to do-login happens inside
the coplet. So it's the content of your coplet that you change
with the call - not the whole portal itself.
I'm not sure if this is possible at all - at least I don't see
a solution right now (which doesn't mean that there isn't).
For the current login coplet in the demo portal we used a "hack".
The form is not processed by the coplet itself but directly in
the sitemap *before* the portal is rendered. This allows us
to do what you need. You could do the evaluation before the
portal is rendered and put some error messages in the session
and retrieve it later on when your coplet is rendered.


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