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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: [Plan] The future of Cocoon
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 05:44:34 GMT
Le 26 mai 04, à 11:17, Carsten Ziegeler a écrit :

> ...we have to develop the blocks system separately from Cocoon
> until the block system is stable enough to be "merged" into
> Cocoon. This allows us to release new versions of Cocoon (like 2.2)
> without waiting for blocks to be working/finished.


> ...we will
> have one or two maintenance releases for 2.1.x (2.1.6 etc.)...


> ...Some things that come to my mind for 2.2:
> - first finished version of CForms.
> - deprecate XSP (and provide a viable alternative)
> - cleaning up the caching/store mess
> - remove deprecated blocks etc.

Sounds good.

Note that I'm pursuing the discussions with the Radeox folks about a 
better (IMHO) wiki parser, they expect to have an ASL-licensed version 

If this comes out as I expect it will be another area where we'll have 
to seek consolidation (between Chaperon and this new thing, but only 
for wiki parsing as Chaperon has other specific uses regarding general 
text parsing).


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