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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Thanks for it...
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 09:42:26 GMT

On 21 May 2004, at 17:11, Pier Fumagalli wrote:

> It is with great pleasure I can announce that after 4 years of working 
> on/with/around Cocoon, _my_ "first" real site has gone live...
> From this morning at 8:32 AM (BST) is running 
> off a standard 2.1.5 (head) distribution of Cocoon, Apache 2.0.49 w/ 
> mod_cache, Jetty 4.2.19, and a hint of my take on the Cocoon kernel 
> empowering the backend XML data repository...
> I'd like to thank personally Luminas, ProNetics and Orixo's Jeremy 
> (Quinn), Andrew (Savory) and Gianugo (Rabellino) for helping us making 
> this project a realiiy, especially when no-one thought it would have 
> been possible (given our deadlines).
> And I would like to thank personally every single one of you who wrote 
> the code now powering our website... We wouldn't have been able to put 
> this live today without every single one of you...
> Really _really_ tired...
> 	Pier

Yeah, I am just catching up with my email ;)

Many thanks for the thanks, Pier !!!!
It was a pleasure and an honour to work with you and the great team you 
have there.

And of course ..... many thanks for the Cocoon team for such great 
tools !!!!

regards Jeremy
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