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From "Corin Moss" <>
Subject RE: JXTemplate performance
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 21:41:38 GMT

Hi Sylvain,

Not wanting to start a game of twenty questions here, but your comment
regarding caching of jxtemplates interested me.  For what reason are
they not cacheable as a generator?



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From: Sylvain Wallez []
Sent: Thursday, 6 May 2004 9:33 a.m.
Subject: Re: JXTemplate performance

Ralph Goers wrote:

> In looking at JXTemplate it looks like many, if not all, of the things
> we are doing with XSLT could possibly be done with JXTemplate instead.

> Is this correct, or am I missing something.

JXTemplate has many of the XSLT control structure, but lacks everything
that is related to template rules. So both are complementary.

> Secondly, if I can replace XSLT with JXTemplate, is it worth it?  It
> certainly could be more readable, but would it perform better?

JXTemplate as a transformer certainly runs way slower than XSLT, since
the template being the input of the transformer, its compilation occurs
for every request.

Also JXTemplate isn't cachable both in its generator and transformer


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