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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject What's wrong with our build system? (was: [VOTE] - Move Cocoon to Maven)
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 07:46:21 GMT
> ...I propose to move Cocoon to Maven. Please VOTE:

I know the vote is canceled, but maybe we can talk about the problems 
before looking at a solution?

IMHO these are the problems of the current build system:

1) Monolithic repository makes it impossible to include libraries 
having non-ASF compatible licenses.

That's the big thing for me, specially as it causes a big loss of 
energy discussing licenses for library X or Y instead of just hosting 
these cool components in non-ASF repositories.

I know Real Blocks will solve this, but does anyone see Real Blocks 
happening in the near future?

2) Monolithic repository requires a big download before being able to 
do anything with Cocoon.

I might be wrong but I don't see any other issues with the current 
build system.

IMHO, being able to include parts of external repositories in the build 
(by getting them dynamically from their CVS or SVN repositories at 
build time) would bring most of what people are waiting for in Real 


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