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From Steven Noels <>
Subject Re: Enough object store crap, let's get serious
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 21:45:00 GMT
On 24 May 2004, at 23:05, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> But if it's your product that fetches it from the internet upon 
> installation you don't have to pay anything.

I'm not sure whether this kind of "use" would held up in court as not 
being the behaviour described in the license, but IANAL, of course.

> That license is just stupid.

True, and I've become increasingly annoyed with this blatant abuse of 
the "open source brand" by all producers of dual-licensed 
free/commercial softwares.

It's one of the easier, yet decidedly less-free ways to monetize on 
open source development, where I like to use "free" in the sense of "I 
wrote something cool and want people to use it". They want to make 
money on it, and use the open source logo to be cool marketing-wise. In 
a wicked sense, this is very similar to the free dogma of the FSF IMHO: 
freedom as a duty rather than a right.

<ot>I've been reviewing Debian's policy lately 
(, and 
stumbled onto a debian-legal discussion between Hans Reiser of reiserfs 
fame and the Debian peeps who decided reiserfs should go in the 
non-free section. All this stuff hasn't anything to do with the way the 
ASF thinks about open source licenses, but it is a fascinating read 
nevertheless. If these "volunteer peeps" from Debian can withstand the 
urge to shift their ethics around in order to accomodate outside 
software developers with a less free attitude, I wouldn't like to see 
the ASF become more lax towards the promise upheld to its licensees: 
you can *anything* you want, as long as you don't sue us, and provide 
proper credit. Mind you that I don't believe in proprietary-wrapping 
open source software as well: people should make money on services 
around software, rather than on the code itself.</ot>

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