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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject [QVote] new block: Supersonic Tour of Apache Cocoon
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 09:29:42 GMT
I'd like to donate the contents of my "Supersonic Tour of Apache 
Cocoon" tutorial to the project, as a new block named "supersonic".

There's more info on the tutorial contents at

The pros (IMHO):
-I think it's a good overview of the Power Trio (Pipelines, Flow, 
Forms), not too big (about 30 A4 pages if printed), which can be 
studied in about 3-4 hours independently of any other docs. It is meant 
to show the general direction of Cocoon today, and nothing else, to 
lower the confusion that new users often experience.

-The publishing application used to generate the tutorial pages is also 
a good example which can be studied in isolation.

The cons:
-It would be yet another documentation source, distinct from what we 
have now.

-It's yet another block to maintain. But I think having it in a 
separate block makes it much easier to study.

-It's dynamic and as such could not be published to our website in its 
current form.


If no one objects I'll commit it later today or tomorrow.


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