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From Gunnar Brand <>
Subject Re: Warning for informix query
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 09:04:14 GMT
Hmm, send this to the wrong address, but now the right one ;)

>I am getting the following warning for informix. Can someone tell what I have
>to do to avoid this.My queries work mysteriously at times. Sometimes they
>work sometimes they dont.

Probably informix' great feature to abort queries if they access locked 
rows/pages (read: concurrent access to a database).
All other databases I know wait until the lock is gone (at least for a 
certain amount of time) by default.

Fix: Once you open a connection, execute "set lock mode to wait [optional 
time in seconds]" before your queries.
If you pool the connection it is sufficient to do it once.
It might be a good idea to write a wrapper driver for the informix one that 
does that for every call to get a connection.
This way it is autmagically fixed for everyone.
I don't know if the jdbc driver has a setting for this.

(Too bad the system I use informix with doesn't allow you access the pool 
in any way, so i have this statement in front
of every statement, oh what joy)


>WARN    (2004-05-07) 12:02.36:262   [sitemap.generator.serverpages] (/
>newhistoryserver/coplets/search/firmhistoryexcel) Thread-14/
>AbstractEsqlConnection: Your database [informix-online] is not being
>recognized yet. Using the generic [jdbc] query as default.  Please report
>this to cocoon-dev or to directly.

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