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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: [RT] Extending Dreamweaver (Was: Re: [RT] Tapestry or the value of multi-channel forms?)
Date Fri, 28 May 2004 06:56:20 GMT
Tony Collen wrote:

> So, I started playing with Dreamweaver, reading a couple PDFs to see 
> exactly what we can add to DW to make doing things like creating 
> CForms a lot simpler.   I haven't done a ton yet, but from what I can 
> see, I'm getting very excited.
> You can hook into pretty much anything and create a menu using their 
> XML format:
> <menu name="C_ocoon" id="cocoon-2.2">
>     <menuitem name="C_Form Editor" enabled="true" 
> command="dw.toggleFloater('cocoon')" id=""/>
>     <menuitem name="CForm _Bindings" enabled="true" command="" id=""/>
>     <menuitem name="_Pipeline Editor" enabled="true" command="" id=""/>
> </menu>
> Produces the following menu:
> The command attribute is simply a JavaScript command to do something.  
> As you can see, I toggle the floater named "cocoon" which is what 
> opens the following:
> The definition of the floaters (and the other panels) is just HTML.  
> All you basically do it write up a form, code a little bit of 
> JavaScript and pow, instant functionality.  You can even define 
> multiple floaters and tab them together.  Very useful, and exciting.
> Ideally, we would have something for ceating a basic CForms 
> definition, and then create new elements in the document DOM.
> Sylvain mentioned he did some stuff using custom tags, and it looks 
> like we can easily create a tag library for CForms.
> So my question is: what would people want to see in a GUI CForms editor?
> Obviously we have to not only edit the form instance, but also the 
> form template as well.  Still not sure how we'd handle the templates 
> yet.. perhaps once I start playing with it a little more, it will come 
> to me.
> There's an absolute ton of API reference for DW out there.  I'm 
> surprised at how much customizability DW actually has.  You can even 
> go so far as to define your own server model. Imagine being able to 
> connect to a Cocoon server and remotely edit forms, Flowscript, etc, 
> all from the comfort of Dreamweaver.

Thanks Tony for digging into this. It seems to be a very promising way! :-)
(I will comment on the details in a separate mail as soon as I have 
enough time thinking more about this!)

I know, Dreamweaver is commercial but is there any way putting your work 
into an opensource CVS/SVN?


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