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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Stabilizing Javaflow (was Re: Fed up with build discussions: proposed deal)
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 17:45:55 GMT
Steven Noels wrote:

> On 27 May 2004, at 02:04, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Steven already triggered an alarm when showed Struts guys are behind 
>> Rhino
>> jar. Same as Steven, it is a good and a bad notice at the same time,
>> because of a forked version of the jar. I think it is top priority than
>> Maven now.
> Thanks Antonio, I am glad someone got the message.
>> I am podering if is a worth to merge Rhino jar or if is better to create
>> another implementation with Groovy.... or both?:-D
> For these and other issues, we are unfortunately being forced now to 
> do our own thing in order to provide our customer with something we 
> are able to support and defend both technically and legally. I'll miss 
> the continuations concept though. :-/

Doesn't the solution reside in javaflow? It does support continuations 
and has no licence issues. It can even be compatible with JS flowscript 
by intrumenting Rhino-generated classfiles instead of using the 
continuations-enabled interpreter.

Sure, it's too late now for your project, but it's IMO a good long-term 
solution as it provides a single infrastructure to continuation-enable 
any language compiling to bytecodes: Java, JS, Groovy, Jython, etc.

So we may decide to concentrate on stabilizing javaflow to finally drop 
the forked Rhino.



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