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From Greg Weinger <>
Subject Re: Large xml's in cocoon
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 15:34:59 GMT

The way your stylesheet is written can also create OutOfMemoryErrors.  
If your xpaths require that the entire document be held in memory before 
it is written, then you can run out of memory quickly.  In your 
templates try to use absolute xpaths (/document/path/to/node) instead of 
inexact (//node).

Hope that helps,


Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Anna Bikkina dijo:
>>I have a xml file that contains database rows. If the number of rows are
>>greater than 5000 then cocoon fails to tranform them to html and display
>>them. It gives a blank page with no errors.
>>Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a way I can  make cocoon
>>better with big xml.?
>Cocoon can manage it. Please check your catalina.out to see if there is a
>"Out Of Memory error"  If this is the case, then you need to allow your
>servlet container (Tomcat, jetty, etc.) use more memory. I managed to
>transform some files with more than 10,000 rows.
>If you don't have any error in catalina.out, then there is no error and
>maybe the browser is taking a lot of time to render the page:
>If we generate a big HTML file with a lot of rows. It generates a lot of
><td> tags and the browse need to calculate how to render this huge table
>and that is the cause of the apparently long delay in the response.
>BTW, you can see the Cocoon response time in /WEB-INF/logs/access.log
>file. The rest of the time is used by the browser to render the page.
>Hope this help.
>Best Regards,
>Antonio Gallardo.

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