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From Reinhard Poetz <>
Subject Re: Fed up with build discussions: proposed deal
Date Thu, 27 May 2004 06:11:41 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>Stefano Mazzocchi dijo:
>>I say that nicola works on his version and if somebody wants (antonio?)
>>they can work on the maven version and then we decide.
>Sorry. I have no time now to do that. :-(
>I thought to concentrate on the Rhino merging, when I found free time.
>Steven already triggered an alarm when showed Struts guys are behind Rhino
>jar. Same as Steven, it is a good and a bad notice at the same time,
>because of a forked version of the jar. I think it is top priority than
>Maven now.
>I am podering if is a worth to merge Rhino jar or if is better to create
>another implementation with Groovy.... or both?:-D

It *is* worth doing it! If you have the chance please move on. There are 
many users out there using Flowscript and I want to avoid telling them 
that they should use something else.

And don't forget that it took us a rather long time to produce a stable 
version of Flowscript. If we have another implementation of Control Flow 
it will take us another 6 - 12 month.


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