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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Fed up with build discussions: proposed deal
Date Wed, 26 May 2004 09:28:01 GMT
> Ok, so I'm really getting fed up with these build discussions, and if we 
> don't give it a break they will continue to grow.
> Some people here are not satisfied with our build system, and advocate 
> Maven. I definately agree with the first part, and am, for technical but 
> also for historical reasons, very much adverse to the second one.
> Thus, from this point I am now taking on myself the task of 
> restructuring our Ant buildsystem to make it seamless and easy to use 
> and administer. In this process I will also make changes to Forrest and 
> use extra Ant tasks from Incubator Depot.

I guess it's less the build system itself
but the features that come with maven.

I personally love all this reports and
the auto downloading of the libraries
which comes out of the box. Nothing
that cannot be integrated in our build
system ...but it's there for maven

And I know people disagree here ...but
I am also getting fed up with all the
license issues. I don't wanna bring
up the autodownloading thread again but
having something like that in place
would be good IMO.

> For this I need a branch, as I don't want to break anything and in the 
> same time I want all to see what is happening with the progress. 
> Actually this is why I asked for switching to SVN in the first place.


> So, let's all cut a deal: we move to SVN, and then I will rework the 
> build on a branch. If someone else wants to, he can do the same with 
> Maven or whatever on another branch. After this is done, we can have a 
> vote and decide which buildsystem to adopt for Cocoon, and finally get 
> over with it.
> Deal?

Sounds excellent! :)


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