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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: VERY odd exceptions...
Date Tue, 25 May 2004 20:04:05 GMT
On 25.05.2004 13:22, Vadim Gritsenko wrote:

>> Bertrand's problem related to CVS $Id$ in comments makes me think to 
>> clock synchronisation problems between the CVS server and the Cocoon 
>> server (e.g. modification date moved back in time).
> I noticed sometime ago that setting sub-sitemap (not root sitemap!) 
> modification time somewhere in the future (or rewinding system clock 
> back) breaks system completely. I had no enough time to find a reason 
> though...

*puuh* Thank you very much for the hint. The last days I worked with a 
Cocoon version from CVS from the beginning of the code freeze and tested 
with it extensively. I updated today to the released version, thought I 
could simply use it, deployed it on the live server - and got these odd 
exceptions. In the noon I read the first 5 mails, but did not care much 
about them as the problem did not occur for me - and now I was hit? So I 
read on and finally the touch on the sitemap was the solution for the 
problem, the live server is some minutes back in time.

BTW, I have *only* a root sitemap and it happened though. While a simple 
pipeline (the home page, just aggregation of different files, 
transformer, serializer) works, all the next links caused the exception. 
These links go to a match calling flowscript and from there back to 
sitemap. Maybe this gives a hint on the root of the problem, something 
like "2 pipelines must be involved", "pipeline hash" or so.


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