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From Leszek Gawron <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] - Move Cocoon to Maven
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 21:30:51 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
I cannot vote so just comments:
> I saw many projects that benefit from maven in:
Porting to maven means breaking all users' build systems (see 
YourCocoonBasedProject on wiki)

> 1-shared repository of jars. It will help to cut most of the fat of cocoon.
The jars have to end up on your HDD anyway.
Will you be able to create snapshots for offline build? Some of the time 
I use a lousy connection. I has never been able to do CVS update 
correctly (and God - it took long) so I've always downloaded a snapshot 
of current HEAD.

> 2-Automatically generation of statistics and status of the project.
I think that anyone outside cocoon-dev does not care really for the 
status of the project as long as they are using a released version.

> Improves the overview of the project. Manually managing release notes
> allow releases without a full changelog and full bug fixes list. It is
> important for people that is not follow the list and just download cocoon.
Cocoon is a magnificent web framework but not too well documented (when 
going into details) so as long as you do not track changes on -dev list 
you won't understand much of very detailed changelog. The simple one is 
already there.

Maybe my approach is a little bit twisted because I'm always using 
cocoon HEAD - even for production.

> 3-I think there are more pluses :-D

> 4-We can still use forrest for doco generation.
That is not a plus really. Rather "not minus" :)

What about real blocks? Will maven still be useful?
	Leszek Gawron

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