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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Enough object store crap, let's get serious
Date Mon, 24 May 2004 18:07:24 GMT

Need I say more? ;-)

Now, the only problem is that this requires java 1.4.2 because of memory 
mapped files.

If you ask me, this feature, alone, is enough for throwing 1.3 down the 
drain. I mean, if you are running a serious web site and you need tons 
of cache, and you are still using 1.3, well this is simply not our 
problem and you should be investing to migrate because that's going to 
save you tons of headackes anyway.

BerkeleyDB is an ACID database without the client/server overhead and 
without fancy querying abilities. Everybody and their dog knows that 
BerkeleyDB is the de-facto standard for storing tons of information in a 
reliable and efficient way.

I think we should use BerkeleyDB for the cocoon object store and at this 
point, even the transient/non-transient nature of things could not be 
needed anymore because we can use memory-mapped files or hybrid-memory 
cached file backends.

This means that you can forget about your cache. You can showdown your 
cocoon and restart it and the entire thing would be there as it was before.

Who's with me?


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