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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [heads up] [cforms] fi:styling/@type="output" ignored on widg ets with datatype=date.
Date Wed, 12 May 2004 17:07:19 GMT
On 12.05.2004 16:17, Marc Portier wrote:

> Helma,
> correct observation, and precisely what Joerg hinted on in his 
> commit-message

Call me prophet ;-)

> the other alternatives (thx to clueful colleagues with inspiration) are
> - re-introduce fi:styling/type='date' to explicitely call the template, 
> but now ignoring any possible formatting pattern (since we know it from 
> the widget's datatype)

An explicite styling and additionally fi:datatype as it is now would be 
the most reliable solution IMO. The fi:styling/@type="date" is the hint 
for the calendar popup, while the fi:datatype is the hint how to style 
it (here: date pattern).

> - apply some @priority to the template (which always sounds a bit hacky 
> to me)

Maybe not hacky, but very risky as you encroach into the automatic 
template priority calculation, not very reliable IMO.

> I'm actually open to any suggestion here,
> The only opinions I might have are:
> - thinking this is beneficial to the upcoming 2.1.5 (others?)
> - considering the closing date on 2.1.5 we should be hinted at doing 
> this in the most safe way (which is a group consensus thing probably, 
> and might even lead to different proposals for now and after 2.1.5)

+1 "most safe way"

>> after some testing, I'm tempted to extend the fix by Joerg to some
>>    <xsl:template 
>> match="fi:field[fi:datatype/@type='date'][not(fi:styling[@type='output'])][n 
>> ot(fi:selection-list)]">
>> to me this patch seems unharmful (and useful) enough to be added 
>> during the current codefreeze

+1 That's the "most safe way" for the moment - and the release - IMO. 
Let's do the rest after the release.


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