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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [QVote] Release 2.1.5 on May 14th
Date Mon, 10 May 2004 08:22:05 GMT
On 10.05.2004 06:12, David Crossley wrote:

> The FirstFriday was a little bit active and some Bugzilla
> issues were addressed. The Roadmap shows that there are some
> major problems still:
> Do we really want to release in this state?

Yes, we should IMO. Open issues are

flow: importPackage/importClass problems creating InitialContext()
=> bug is half a year old, we released it already

JXTemplate evaluates expressions in comments, need jx:comment?
=> minor issue

Processing pipelines from within flowscript and get various results objects
=> assigned to Sylvain ;-)

SQLTransformer: duplicate namespace declaration when serializing XML
=> extremely old, I tried to reproduce it on Friday and did not get it

Persistent store or cache corruption?
=> For that one we might change the default store.

Upgrade all source files to ASF 2.0 license
=> That's of course a *must*.

HTML serialization has no space between publicId and systemId
=> Don't know about it, but it seems Xalan related - though you wrote it 
does not happen on command line.


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