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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: a working version of 2.1.5?
Date Tue, 04 May 2004 00:03:33 GMT
On 04.05.2004 01:35, Lars Huttar wrote:

> Hi all,
> I downloaded the most recent (at the time) Cocoon 2.1 snapshot
> this afternoon, but it turned out not to be buildable.
> The version I downloaded was
> Does anybody know of a recent 2.1.5-dev snapshot that does build?
> My purpose is to be able to develop using CForms as CForms instead of Woody.
> My understanding is that CForms don't exist in any release version.
> Of course I can wait till May 14 if necessary but...
> Or, does anyone know how to fix this build?
> The end of the output was:
> cocoon-block-html-patch:
> Processing: C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\src\blocks\html\conf\tidy.xmap
> Writing: C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\build\webapp\sitemap.xmap
> Processing: C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\src\blocks\html\conf\tidy.xconf
> Writing: C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\build\webapp\WEB-INF\cocoon.xconf
> Collection sitemap components info
> C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\tools\targets\webapp-build.xml:93: Following error occu
> red while executing this line
> C:\temp\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\build\cocoon-2.1.5-dev\temp\blocks-build.xml:4073: Site
> map component HTMLGenerator does not implement a sitemap component interface.
> Total time: 6 minutes 9 seconds
> export: Files\apache-ant-1.6.0: bad variable name
> export: Files\Saxon653\saxon.jar;C:\Program: bad variable name

If you run the build in verbose mode (-v) you will see the real reason:

D:\cocoon-2.1\tools\targets\webapp-build.xml:93: Following error occured 
while executing this line

The patching happens to early, before this file is copied to that place.

This feature was added recently and generates documentation and sitemap 
component declaration in a XDoclet-like way. Unfortunately it does not 
work that perfect until now.

To work around the problem, exclude html block if you don't need it. If 
you need it build your Cocoon once including documentation and excluding 
html block. In the second run (the file is now there) you can include 
the html block successfully.


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