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From Leon Widdershoven <>
Subject Re: Cocoon portal and excel
Date Mon, 03 May 2004 21:00:31 GMT
Not specific on coplets, but,

a submit button is embedded in a form. The form has an action target. 
This target should point to
a sitemap component (pipeline). If you're in the pipeline, it's up to 
you to generate your
XML using a generator, extracting information from the request.

As I hear this, it looks like an action which is not matched by a 
pipeline component. You
could look at the HTML sources in your browser to see where you are 
submitting to. If
that's the same action as the URL, the you *could* try method="get" in 
your form. Then
the plain URL is reproduced.

Using method="GET"during development is IMHO not that bad anyway, as you 
have more
information readily at hand.

Sorry I can't say more, but doesn't work is not really abundant 
information:) Do sitemap.log or
access.log (cocoon/WEB-INF/logs) or localhost-[date].log (tomcat/logs) 
say anything?


Anna Bikkina wrote:

>I am using cocoon as a portal server. In one of my coplets when the user 
>submits a form I want the output to be displayed in a excel file. 
>When I have the excel operation in a submit button this doesnt work. If I use 
>a hyperlink in the page with all information in the url then it works. 
>Can anyone tell me how to generate an excel file as output for a coplet. I 
>want the excel to be generated and the coplet should remain the same.
>Please let me know if there any way of doing this.

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