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From Alan <>
Subject FOM and ServletContext.getRealPath()
Date Sat, 29 May 2004 13:24:42 GMT
    I am trying to figure out the absolute path of the /WEB-INF
    directory in my flowscript. I'd like to just use the getRealPath
    method of the ServletContext. It is not exposed from FOM_Context
    however. I found this in

    /* TODO: Vote on the inclusion of this method
    public String jsFunction_getRealPath(String path) {
        return context.getRealPath(path);

    On cocoon-users Joerg Heinicke pointed me towards this
    discussion where Sylvain Wallez talks about voting on the
    inclusion of this method. 

    I'd like to see this vote happen.

    More importantly:
!-- How do I find the path of /WEB-INF in my Cocoon application --?


Alan / /
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