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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [SOLVED] - Re: sdocbook demo not working:
Date Sun, 23 May 2004 08:05:12 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> David Crossley dijo:
> > Thanks for verifying some samples Antonio. Many more of us
> > devs and users need to do that prior to release.
> >
> > This sdocbook demo works for me. See the notes on the Sample
> > page - you would need to configure the catalog entity resolver.
> OK. I get it "working".


> > However, your comment reveals some other problems.
> > For me the webapp documentation is broken:
> > http://localhost:8888/docs/
> It works here.
> >
> > and the main Catalog resolver demo is broken.
> > http://localhost:8888/samples/catalog/catalog-demo
> That works for me too.

Well that is a relief - it is only me.

> Maybe you are using a to disable the docs generation.

No it is not that.

Both the "catalog-demo" sample and the docs/ front page
break for me because Cocoon cannot find files that have
relative pathnames.

In the "catalog-demo" case, samples/catalog/catalog-demo.xml
refers to a local file testovr.txt

In the "docs/" case, the document-v10.dtd refers to a local file

In both cases the xml parser normally finds those files okay.

Now i have saxon6.5.2.jar in lib/local and somehow it interferes
and has trouble with relative references. Removing the Saxon jar
makes everything happy again.

Anyway, that means that our Cocoon release is okay and that i need
to go back to trying to get Saxon to work.


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