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From Bruno Dumon <>
Subject Re: [CForms] Repeater is not a ContainerWidget?
Date Sat, 01 May 2004 10:14:47 GMT
On Fri, 2004-04-30 at 23:04, Marc Portier wrote:
> Fredy Dobler wrote:
> > Hi all
> > 
> > I have the following problem:
> > If a child widget of a repeater row submits an on-change event,
> > I get a ClassCastExcpetion in the Class
> > org.apache.cocoon.forms.formmodel.Forms (, Version 1.13,
> > cocoon-2.1.5-dev) in line 210.
> > 
> > line 210: submit = (ContainerWidget)submit).getWidget(stok.nextToken());
> > 
> > If the forms_submit_id is 'Repeater1.0.widget1', the submit variable
> > contains a repeater (the repeater with id 'Repeater1'). The Repeater class
> > is not a ContainerWidget -> a ClassCastExcpetion is thrown.
> > 
> > The repeater contains repeater rows. 'RepeaterRow' is a widget (extends
> > AbstractContainerWidget), does this not qualify the repeater itself as a
> > ContainerWidget?
> > 
> yo Fredy, I'm the culprit...
> when in clean-up mode visiting the code I found most methods of 
> ContainerWidget not applicable to RepeaterWidget (all except getWidget) 
> in fact most (other) implementations were doing nothing or threw RTE's 
> indicating they shouldn't be called...
> I also found it consistent with a growing conceptual feeling that the 
> repeater is not really 'composed' of different subwidgets (as e.g. 
> struct, aggregate and the inner class Repeater.Repeater.Row) but had 
> more in common with MultiValueField in the sense that it 'repeated' 
> multiple times the same value
> see, it has a getRow(int index) which is the more logical counterpart on 
> that level
> in any case, if I understand your use case you have a repeater holding 
> action buttons and it's quit obvious we should support this.
> 3 ways out:
> 1/ re-add getWidget(id) on the Widget interface and let Repeater NOT be 
> ContainerWidget (I removed the method from that interface in the same 
> clean-up sweep)
> this would also add it back on the scriptable interface allowing every 
> widget to be navigatable to children in javascript
> while at it I would in fact rather make it into some lookupWidget() 
> method and implement it on AbstractContainerWidget and Repeater to allow 
> immediately nested id's in there: so lookupWidget("contacts.0.whatever") 
> would be the use which I remember being suggested in the past
> that would also keep the distinction with ContainerWidget.getWidget(id) 
> which is what I still feel to be sematically a different thing?
> should pure singular widgets override to throw NPE or return NULL?
> or rather:
> 1bis/ add lookupWidget to a separate WidgetResolver interface that would 
> then be added to (Abstract)ContainerWidget and Repeater (not to all Widgets)
> 2/ make the mentioned code snippet inside Form a bit smarter so it 
> recognises the Repeater and does a getRow instead?
> 3/ make Repeater again a ContainerWidget (which it IMHO is not...

but feels as the easiest way out of this.

Maybe this case illustrates that Repeater should be a ContainerWidget
after all? If it's not a ContainerWidget, how could it possibly contain
widgets as children (which the RepeaterRows are)?

Lets look at the interface (javadocs dropped):

public interface ContainerWidget extends Widget {
    public void addWidget(Widget widget);
    public boolean hasWidget(String id);
    public Widget getWidget(String id);
    public Iterator getChildren();

Of these methods, the only one that is problematic is addWidget. But it
seems like that method can be problematic for other ContainerWidgets as
well, eg MultiValueField or RepeaterRow.

I also see a problem with that method 'tout court', in that we have an
addWidget but not a removeWidget?

Bruno Dumon                   
Outerthought - Open Source, Java & XML Competence Support Center                

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