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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [RT] Serviceable considered harmful (was Re: XSP not working in CVS head?)
Date Mon, 17 May 2004 20:23:16 GMT
Il giorno 17/mag/04, alle 16:53, Berin Loritsch ha scritto:

> Ok, so LogEnabled is the interface, and AbstractLogEnabled is a way of
> taking care of this aspect using inheritance, they are two different
> methods of achieving the same thing.

Yes. It's just that achieving reuse through implementation inheritance 
does not seem to me to be very elegant in this particular case.

>> Oh, by the way, LogicSheet extends AbstractLogEnabled but does not 
>> actually log anything. So I removed "extends AbstractLogEnabled" in 
>> my local copy and will commit it after the release, if nobody 
>> objects.
> I remember making a logging XSP logicsheet a while back, is this used/
> still included?

I don't know, but I'm afraid I spoke too early. Cocoon doesn't build if 
I remove "extends AbstractLogEnabled". I was lead into error when 
Eclipse did not complain, but it complained after a full project 

> OK, now to the topic of IoC, Serviceable, etc.  This is a fundamental
> change to the framework that you may are suggesting.  Such a change is
> not easy, and can be considered harmful unless you design your 
> container
> in a way to support heterogeneous component types.

Just to be clear: I'm not going to write a container any time soon. I 
don't have neither the time nor the necessary architectural and coding 
skills. I just started evaluating Spring for implementing the Model 
part of an MVC application that we are developing (V+C is Cocoon with 
Flowscript, obviously) and I like what I see. At the same time, I don't 
like some of what I see in the usage of Avalon in Cocoon. Spring is a 
well-established, well-documented product that is rapidly gaining 
popularity and is being put to test in writing real applications (I'm 
not implying that Avalon isn't) and we might learn something from it.

(As an aside, Spring's lead developer thinks checked exceptions are 
evil, so I like the guy ;-) )

And yes, this is a fundamental change. We started discussing 
fundamental changes since Stefano's "On building on stone" RT, but 
discussion has a little subsided since then, so I'm trying to revive 

> You might want to take some inspiration from my Dojo project (note I
> said inspiration--I am not suggesting you depend on my code unless you
> feel it truly merits it).  The concept that I am designing and

I've been following Dojo through your blog, but I must be sincere: I 
don't have the time to look at its code. I am looking at Spring with 
some interest because, as I said above, I'm using it in a real project, 
and that's all.


Ugo Cei -

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