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From José Ignacio París Prieto <>
Subject CInclude caching in pipelines
Date Wed, 19 May 2004 08:50:32 GMT
I,ve 2 questions about CInclude and caching:
- it seems to implement the CacheableProcessingComponent interface, in order
to support caching in a pipeline, but, looking through the code, the
"getKey" method ALWAYS RETURN "1" for all instances of the component. It's
supossed that the key returned must be unique for each different result of
the cinclude transformation. is that ok?
- moreover, this caching support is only activated if the parameter
"support-caching" is set to true (look at the setup method), which is not
Are those true or am I losing something?  I'm pretending to support the
"If-modified-since" http header for pipelines. It works for those which
CInclude caching activated in that way, but I think that something is wrong
with the "1" key. wouldn't be better return the src URI in that method?


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