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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [cforms] Radio buttons across repeater
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 11:20:08 GMT
Marc Portier <mpo <at>> writes:

> >> In light of the above we could even consider sending 
> >> repeaterID.radioID=row-identity (which would require to 
> >> serialize-to-string somehow this identity?)

<snip what="separate backend IDs from frontend IDs"/>

> +1
> I'm still running around the hot soup of repeater-binding (in my head)
> and your scenario (which I think is quite widespread) of the wd:output 
> that never gets styled is for me an additional reason for having an 
> intrinsic Identity property on each Reater.Row
> with it you wouldn't even need to declare it in your form-definition 
> since it really only has a purpose for the binding, and actually never 
> really is a true/valid widget, or is it?

Not necessarily. I have two cases. One overview list of persons where an action
leads to a detail view. Here I need the ID in the flow/form model. And another
list view (the addresses, as part of person's detail view) where I do not need
to link, the addresses are completely edited in the list view. For the latter I
wanted to remove @unique-row-id/@unique-row-path, but that's not optional. So I
need a widget which is bound to the ID.


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